The Virgin Mary’s Assumption Monastery, The Roman town Novae, Church St. Trinity, Historical Park The Monuments, Ecotourism/Routes
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In Svishtov are build a lot of religious temples, marked by his wall-paintings: The "St. St.Peter and Pavel" monastery, the church "Holy Transfiguration", "St Trinity" Church, etc.Evidence of the cultural and historical past of the town Svishtov can be seen on the excavations of the Roman and early Byzantine camp "Novae" and the sight of "Kaleto", dated back to 13th – 14th.
Aleko Konstantinov’s house-museum keeps the rich and beautiful atmosphere in which lived the family of the famous Bulgarian writer. In the historical park "The monuments" is arranged an exposition of the preparation and the force crossing over the river Danube from the Russian Army during the Russo-Turkish Liberation War from 1877.

The Virgin Mary’s Assumption Monastery
is situated next to the complex inside of picturesque land.
An old legend says that a prominent Greek, immigrant from Constantinople settled in Svishtov, have see envisions of the town, he liked the woodland and decided to build a church there with own capitals. The temple to the monastery was restored in the end of the 16th centuries. The present-day domed church has a tower and was built in 1904.

The Roman town "Novae"
It is situated 4km easterly of Svishtov. In the year 45 AC there was built a camp for the 8th August legion. In 69 AC came another Roman legion and stayed there till the end of antiquity.
The fortification is 485m long and 365m wide and is built on the verge of the high bank of the river Danube.
Westerly and south-west way from it is located a settlement in which lived veterans from the legion, craftsmen, tradesmen and their families

At a two kilometres distance from Novae was identify another settlement. In the end of the 3rd AC and the beginning of the 4th AC the camp turned gradually into a citadel-town with varied military and civil population.

Church "St. Trinity”
In the centre of Svishtov you can visit the impressive "St.Trinity" Church which has a three-nave, four-cupolas building and a bell tower over the antechamber.

It was constructing by the eminent Bulgarian master Kolio Ficheto and was sanctified with a liturgy on 19 September, 1867.
The iconostasis was made by Master Anton Peshev – Debraliata since 1870 – 1872. Most of the icons are painted by the renowned Bulgarian artist and icon-painter Nikolai Pavlovich.
The Church and the iconostasis are included in the list of the Bulgarian National Monuments.

Historical Park "The Monuments"
This area is also known as "Tekirdere" and is 5km to the east of Svishtov.
On 26th and 27th June 1877 here was the key force of the Russian Army.

From here started his liberating march. This place is turned into a park in honour of the liberators of the town.

In the immediate vicinity of Svishtov is the beautiful Nature park "Persina". It is the only nature park along the Danube coast in Bulgaria.
The reserve is an earthly paradise for the numerous colonies of marsh birds – kingfishers, gulls, cormorants, herons, etc. In the park could be seen the rare and faded plants like duljun, four foliar nostrum, floating watering-pot, yellow aunts, hydropsy, insectivore vesicle.
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The Virgin Mary’s Assumption Monastery, The Roman town Novae, Church St. Trinity, Historical Park The Monuments, Ecotourism/Routes